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Proposal Guidelines for New Submissions

Call for New Text Editions

Digital Syriac Corpus is pleased to invite proposals from scholars for new text editions to be published in digital format.

Proposals for new text editions should follow the guidelines below and be submitted electronically to the general editor, James E. Walters at Scholars interested in preparing a proposal are encouraged to contact the editor in advance of submission.

Peer Review

All submissions for new text editions will be submitted to blind peer-review.

Guidelines for New Submissions

Proposal texts can be submitted in the following file formats:

  • Word processor documents (Microsoft Word, Mellel, LaTeX, Pages, rich text format, etc.)
  • XML (tagged according to the Digital Syriac Corpus Guidelines)

NOTE: You do not have to encode your text edition in TEI/XML. If your submit your text as a document, and it is approved for publication, it will be converted to TEI/XML for you.

New text editions should include:

  • Preface (including information about manuscript sources)
  • Introduction (optional, if the editor wants to provide more than the information in the preface)
  • Text (with chapter/section divisions, punctuation, etc.)
  • Notes/Critical Apparatus

You may also include a translation along with your text, but this is not required or expected. Most texts in the Digital Syriac Corpus do not include translations.

All publications must conform to the open access publication model of Digital Syriac Corpus, including use of the Creative Commons Attribution License.


Proposals should include the following:

  1. Brief cover letter including:
  • Name of editor(s) and contact information.
  • Indication of what kind of text edition is being proposed (diplomatic edition, critical edition, etc.).
  • Intellectual property statement indicating the sources of the content and any permissions that need to be obtained.
  • Description of current status of the project and timeline for completion.
  1. Title and brief abstract of the proposed edition (300 words max.).
  • Include description of the text and any relevant bibliography.
  1. C.V.(s) of the editor(s) and any other contributors, including any relevant digital skills.