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Ways to Contribute

How to Contribute to the Digital Syriac Corpus

We invite anyone with knowledge of Syriac to contribute to the Digital Syriac Corpus, and there are multiple ways to contribute:

1. Proofreading texts in the corpus

Many of the texts in the Digital Syriac Corpus are unedited transcriptions. For more information on the “status” label for texts, click here. This means that the transcriptions were made from manuscripts or print editions, but they have not been thoroughly checked for typing errors. If you see an error on any page, you can report it to the editors of the Digital Syriac Corpus using the “Corrections” button at the top right of every text page. Furthermore, if you would like to proofread an entire text and submit the edited text, you will be credited in the right-hand “About This Digital Text” box.

To submit an edited text If you would like to edit an entire document in the corpus, there are multiple ways you can download the text directly from the Corpus in order to facilitate your editorial work. See the “How to View/Download Texts” page for more information.

Once you have made your edits (using whichever method you are most comfortable with--track changes in a word-processor document, comments on a PDF, etc.), submit the edited text to the General Editor at

If you have experience with TEI/XML and Github, you can also create a fork from the Digital Syriac Corpus on Github, edit the file, and then submit it to the editors via Github pull request.

2. Transcribe a text and submit

If you have a transcribed version of a Syriac text (i.e. a Syriac text typed in a word-processor document) and you would like to submit that text to be included in the Digital Syriac Corpus, there are two ways you can do so: Send the transcribed document directly to the General Editor, who will convert the transcribed text into TEI/XML If you have experience with TEI/XML markup, you can convert the transcribed document to TEI/XML yourself, using one of the Digital Syriac Corpus template files, and then submit the .xml file to the General Editor.

In either case, please contact the General Editor of the Digital Syriac Corpus [] first with information about the text.

3. Create a digital edition of a text

We also invite scholars of Syriac to submit born-digital critical editions of texts to be published by the Digital Syriac Corpus. All editions will be peer-reviewed. For more information, see the Proposal Guidelines.